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Stats & Ladders


A new contender on the tournament software scene

Anytime, Anywhere

Stats & Ladders is a web-based, game-system agnostic, tournament management platform for competitive tabletop gaming. 

  • Smaller events (less than 24 players) are FREE.

  • Player registration, access and use of the system is FREE.

  • Events of 24 or more players will require a registration fee of $1 AUD per player (represented as the max player cap).

Prices are in AUD and will be converted to your local currency. For example, a 60-player event will be $60 AUD. 

Payment is required at the point of opening the event for registration. Payments can be made using credit card or PayPal.
Please see our terms and conditions for information on refunds.

Log in to set up your own events for a wide range of tabletop games including Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Marvel Crisis Protocol, SAGA, Malifaux, Conquest or Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game.


Limited Series League


At a glance:

  • Smaller comp.

  • Limited number of events.

  • Self-contained series.

  • League and events run by a single TO or club.

  • Live ladder.

  • Cost based on number of separate tournaments/competition rounds.


The Limited Series League is perfect for LGS competitions that run over a series of weeks, or club events that take place once a month. The ladder is updated as each event is finalised. You as the league owner and event TO have full control over how your league and events run.


Examples of Limited Series Leagues:

  • Slow grow LGS competitions.

  • Gaming club in-house competitions.

  • Narrative series competitions.

Seasonal Open League

At a glance:

  • Larger comps.

  • Unlimited events.

  • Adjustable season lengths (6, 12, 18, 24 month etc.).

  • League owner sets league parameters for tournaments to adhere to (e.g. minimum size, minimum rounds, singles-only, teams-only etc).

  • League owner approves or denies event submissions.

  • Live ladder.

  • Cost based on season duration (extend the season at any time).

  • Choose when the league season starts and finishes and crown your champions.

  • Add new seasons to exiting leagues and view previous season results.

  • Add results from other game management systems using the simple interface.


The Seasonal Open League is designed to manage competitions in wider gaming communities. You set the rules for your league and TO’s can apply for their tournaments to be included in your competition.


There are no limits on the number of tournaments that can be submitted or accepted in a single season. Set league parameters such as max points for first place, how many player results are combined for their season score, minimum player requirements for results submission, minimum points for acceptable tournament submissions, singles or teams events only etc.


Examples of Seasonal Open Leagues:

  • National Leagues.

  • State Competition Leagues.

  • Team leagues.

  • International Leagues.


Clint MalletCall to Glory Organiser, 2023

- 5 Rounds, 200+ Players -

We were lucky enough to be the first event to ever use Stats & Ladders. Stats and Ladders let me run an event for 200 people with virtually no issues, singlehandedly from a software perspective. Have been recommending it to all who'd listen ever since. Dave is onto a winner with this system."

Scott WyattBurleigh Brawl Organiser, 2023

- 3 Rounds, 24 Players -

“Loved the system. Worked pretty much without a hitch - it was fantastic.”

Pat NevinVic GT Organiser, 2023

- 5 Rounds, 64 Players -

“Full disclosure, the guy that runs it is a mate of mine. That said, as someone on the clueless end of the computing spectrum I found it very intuitive and easy to operate as a TO. Better still, all 50 odd of my players managed to use it without needing any technical assistance which was nothing short of a miracle."


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