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Stats & Ladders


A new contender on the tournament software scene

Anytime, Anywhere

Stats & Ladders is a web-based, game-system agnostic, tournament management platform for competitive tabletop gaming. 


Stats & Ladders is currently FREE to use. This will be the case until the remaining system features have been rolled out, which we expect to be sometime mid 2023.

If you would like to use Stats & Ladders for your tournament please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

We were lucky enough to be the first event to ever use Stats & Ladders. Stats and Ladders let me run an event for 200 people with virtually no issues, singlehandedly from a software perspective. Have been recommending it to all who'd listen ever since. Dave is onto a winner with this system."

Clint Mallet

Call to Glory Organiser, 2023

- 5 Rounds, 200+ Players -

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Jan 2023 - the journey begins.

We've just launched the beta at the biggest Age of Sigmar event in Australia: Call to Glory. With over 200 competitors playing over 5 rounds, Stats & Ladders was put to the test and came out the other side with flying colours. Over the weekend the system managed players, grudges, pairings, army lists, favourite opponent and coolest army player voting, standings/ladder, strength of schedule, custom scoring and paint scores as well. Plus there were over 200 spectators logging in to catch up on all the action as well!

Check out the results & lists from Call to Glory by logging in below


Feb 2023 - the first update.

A number of features were added to the system to better support TO's in running events the way they want to, including:

  • tournament edit page has most of the settings on there (still need the favourite player options)

    • added 2nd tie-breaker option

    • you can now choose Strength of Schedule as a scoring option in the tie-breaker fields

    • battle plans and hobby options there

    • restructured the page a bit - should all make sense

  • applied new colour theme - let me know how it looks / if too colourful

  • Can add Showdown matches in final round

    • also included button to delete showdown and grudge matches as that wasn't possible before

  • added ability for TO to edit any prior round results

  • added an option for TO/admin to regenerate ladder on the ladder screen

Check out the results & lists from Burleigh Brawl by logging in below


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