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Software Release Notes

Feb 2024


  • Introduction of payment gateway for tournament registration offering cred card or PayPal payment options (powered by Braintree). Events of less than 24 players are still free. Access to the system for players is still free

  • Text formatting is removed when pasting in lists from 3rd party apps

  • Up next and voting options available at the top of all screens for players rather than going to the home page to access them

  • Export players feature for bulk email and housekeeping

  • Duplicate tournaments to run with the same settings

  • Users identify their country on account registration

  • Gaming club database live updates from player entries

  • Gaming club live query during player registration

  • Alert added to 'Publish Lists' feature to warn TO's about when to toggle the feature

  • Add multiple TOs using their email

  • Multiple game systems added including: 

    • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry

    • Warhammer 40K: Kill Team

    • Bolt Action

    • Blood Bowl

    • Necromunda

    • Infinity

    • Battle Tech

    • Star Wars Legion

    • Star Wars Shatterpoint

    • Star Wars Xwing

    • Star Wars Armada

    • Flames of War

    • A Song of Ice and Fire

    • Gaslands

    • Warmachine

    • Warhammer: 30K The Horus Heresy

    • Warhammer Underworlds

    • Warhammer: The Old World

    • Kings of War

Sep 2023

Updates for TO's:

  • Create and manage your own events.

  • Add players to your event (people with registered accounts will be added while new users will be emailed and asked to create an account).

  • Make score adjustments for players directly from the ladder screen.

  • View how the tournament points have been calculated by clicking the calculator icon next to each player on the ladder.

  • Sort your event by any of the variables you have set up (wins, total score) to determine your podium.

  • Malifaux game system added.

Updates for Players & Spectators:

  • Search for events by country.

  • Easy home screen navigation featuring your events.

Jul 2023


  • TO's can swap any matchup/opponent in any round and the system will automatically adjust the affected players with new matchups.

  • Teams event support added including tracking matchups, individual game results and overall team scores that can be determined using any combination of mechanisms from W/D/L to differential or VP.

  • Add registered players to teams for recording matchups and game results.​

  • Built in auto-win if facing the bye-buster/gumby.

  • Doubles event support added allowing you to pair up duos for matchups.

  • SAGA and SAGA 2.0 game systems added.

  • Conquest LAOK and First Blood game systems added.

Mar 2023


  • Added country option to handle UK, NZ and USA tournaments

  • Tournament date/time fields display are all local time

  • Added in Game Type (current options are AoS, 40K, MCP)

  • Army options are linked to Game Type and hidden if not relevant

  • Display the battleplan for selected round on the Tournament > Round tab.

  • Upcoming tournaments are now sorted in ascending date order.

  • Added in ability for TO to add one off score adjustments (penalty/bonus) against a player (eg. late list submission penalty).

  • Fixed issue where Major Only result type was not saved on first attempt.

  • Changed name of Major Only to W/D/L.

  • Added in fair play scoring options for each match

  • Fair play scores included in "Favourite Opponent" column on ladder.

  • Sort tournaments on player home page so that past tournaments are listed last

  • Fixed issue where favourite army/player voting options could be changed by player after tournament completion.

  • Added round time limit to tournament summary page.

  • Ladder is now hidden from players after the final round until TO clicks Publish Results.

  • Added favourite player as a tie-break option

Feb 2023


  • Tournament edit page has most of the settings on there (still need the favourite player options)

  • Added 2nd tie-breaker option

  • You can now choose Strength of Schedule as a scoring option in the tie-breaker fields

  • Battle plans and hobby options there

  • Restructured the page a bit - should all make sense

  • Applied new colour theme - let me know how it looks / if too colourful

  • Can add Showdown matches in final round

  • Also included button to delete showdown and grudge matches as that wasn't possible before

  • Added ability for TO’s to edit any prior round results

  • Added an option for TO/admin to regenerate ladder on the ladder screen

Jan 2023

Official launch of Stats & Ladders.​

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